The Masters Institute Clinic

Once known as Thunder Mountain Wellness, the Masters Institute Clinic offers a wealth of body working modalities and classes aimed at relieving chronic pain & dysfunction, restricted movement and neuro-energetic imbalances.

As always we are committed to providing our students, clients and patients with a safe, sacred space that allows for a profound and life altering healing experience.

Don’t hesitate to invest in not only healing yourself, but also your world!

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The Masters Institute Embodied Learning

The Masters Institute is pleased to announce the opening of our center for embodied learning, professional training and the healing arts.

We offer a variety of weekly classes, weekend trainings as well as live and online workshops.

Weekly Classes

One of our goals at the Masters Institute is to serve our local community.  One way in which we do this is through weekly specialty classes which serve a specific subset of our community.  Weekly classes include Trauma Sensitive Yoga for the community, Yoga For First Responders, Give Back Yoga for Veterans, our Tissue Release Specialist Class for soft tissue issues and somatic-based mindfulness and meditation classes.

Certifications / Workshops

We believe that the only way to preserve knowledge is to share it.  In fact, one of the cornerstones of this Institute is the preservation and propagation of this ancient wisdom.  With this in mind the Masters Institute will conduct a series of free introductory weekend seminars.  We are also offering our longer three-day intensives and our ongoing local and national and internationally-based certification programs.

Online Learning

Technology is making it possible for previously inaccessible knowledge to spread across the globe.  Literally this knowledge flows from the feet of the Himilayan Masters into the comfort of our own homes.  In order to support the integrity of this information and the awakening of global consciousness, the Masters Institute is offering a host of online learning opportunities from live webinars to pre-recorded online classes.

The Modern Application of Ancient Wisdom

A core mission of the Masters Institute is to bridge the ancient arts and sciences with the modern understanding of medicine, science, psychobiology and consciousness.

By bridging these two worlds, the Masters Institute creates accessible embodied learning opportunities where students, teachers, clients and patients cultivate wisdom inspired by direct experience and personal realization.