I have gone to many yoga, native American and personal growth retreats in the last 15 years. Jeff is hands down the most intuitive and insightful instructor I have ever encountered. Not only does he draw on a wide range of practices and philosophies but he synthesizes these in a way that is direct, practical and easy to put into action immediately.

Cathryn C

I first approached Jeff as an old injured wannabe athlete.

If first impressions mean anything, I was duly impressed with his communication skills, patience and professionalism. He has not yet let me down. Jeff’s knowledge of the human anatomy is impressive, and his “bedside” manner is great. After a couple of sessions with him, I really noticed relief in my lower back and right leg. Another gift of Jeff’s is his desire to heal and follow up with his clientele. He has very strong personal (people) skills.

I shall seek his hand each and every time that I come stay at my residence in Sedona

Doug N

Jeff Masters is the best and most thorough body worker I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Every time I see him he makes sure to ask what is going on not only with my body but ALSO my mind. I have walked into his office with pain in my shoulder and when I walk out it is completely GONE…without a trace. His energy work is outstanding. I have told him and everyone else who will listen that I think he is Magic!

When I started my yoga training I was dreading the anatomy. Jeff made the classes Fun, Interactive and easy to follow. He was always supportive and patient when the dazed and confused look came over my face. He is a wonderful teacher!

Tracy S