I only can hope that you are lucky enough to end up in the hands of Jeff Masters.  My first therapeutic session with him was equal to ten sessions with anyone else.

Because of this, I decided to invest in a workout plan with him as well. His exercises targeted and strengthen weakness I didn’t even know I had!

Believe me, working with him has and continues to be… life changing.

Go for it. He IS the man!

Gail E

Thank you so much for today’s session. I experienced it to be deep and meaningful and quite ‘enlightening.’ RICH with insight. Your gifts are quite amazing and I look forward to your work blessing my life immensely. Many Many Thanks!


My wife and I spent the morning at The Masters Institute, which included Personal Training, Yoga Therapy, and Sacred Cartography with Jeff and massages with Arin.

It was the most fulfilling day we have ever had in Sedona. We have been coming up from Phoenix for years but this time found TMI; Jeff and Arin set us up with an experience that we will not only never forget, but also will draw upon as a spiritual guide for years to come.

Before you try other energy-work “gurus” in Sedona, make an appointment with Jeff first, he is the real deal.

Mike B