A blend of case studies, lectures, exercises and role plays will be used as various tools for course delivery. The important to save energy is very useful to our earth. The private key must be exportable. This assignment had gives me more idea to learn about utilization subject. The subject name is the primary SMTP domain that is shared between the on-premises and Exchange Online organizations. Supported key lengths: 4,096 bits. No.Of No.Of Pass SUBJECT NAME OF THE FACULTY Students No.Of Absentees Students Pass Percentage Fail EE8401-EM-II N.JAYANTHI 25 14 0 58% EE8402-T&D C.BHUVANESWARI 21 18 0 49% EE8451 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications PC 3 3 0 0 3 6. [May2015] The voltage variation from generation station to consumer end are undesirable and suppliers are required to maintain the voltage at prescribed limit so that voltage control are important in transmission lines 10. 9. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOV/DEC 2015. The FDTP is designed to enhance the teaching and other skills of the faculty and to make them aware about modern teaching tools and methodologies. Every day we use electricity for our life. Basic knowled e in Differentiation & Inte ration 1. EE8402 Transmission and Distribution PC 3 3 0 0 3 4. 3. SIX DAY FDTP on EE8402 - Transmission and Distribution 2019 SIX DAY FDTP on EE8402 - Transmission and Distribution 2019, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Faculty Development Program, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 18th - 23rd November 2019 Name: Nor Aqilah Bt Mohd Zaibidi Age: 26 years old Major: Electrical Engineering Motto: Always think positive Idol: My parents. Name of the faculty Member Subject Code & Name Date &Topic Name of the Innovative practice View ; Academic Year 2019-2020: 1 : Dr. K. Karthikeyan : EE8391 - Electromagnetic Theory (Available in … B.E/B.Tech. SANs are additional FQDNs that can be added to a certificate in addition to the subject name. EE8411 Electrical Machines Laboratory - II PC 4 0 0 4 2 8. The SHA-2 hash algorithm is supported. Subject Code Subject Name Added Date Uploaded By Download; S.No Exam Period Department Semester Subject Code Subject Name Added Date Uploaded By Download; 1: ND-2019: EEE: 8: EE6801: ... EE8402: Transmission and Distribution : 20-02-2020: chakkarapani: Download: 32: ND-2019: EEE: 4: EE8402: Subject Code Subject Title Year / Dept / Sem Faculty Name / Desg / Dept Course Prerequisite Course ObjectiVes (CO) EE8402 TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION 11/ EEE /IV 2017 Regulation Year J.R.BINDHU, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR / EEE I. 'Subject Name Here' from the Portal Soundtrack Download Link: http://www.supload.com/listen?s=ANK46OWG0MZ4 Portal is © Valve Corporation IC8451 Control Systems PC 5 3 2 0 4 PRACTICALS 7. MAY/JUNE 2014, NOV/DEC 2013, 2012. Fourth Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Regulation 2013) Subject Code : EE 6402 Subject Name : TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION Time : Three hours Maximum: 100 marks Answer ALL questions PART A 1. The Subject Name must contain a customer-defined service name and domain name in an FQDN format as the Common Name for the specific instance of the cloud-based distribution point. What is the importance of voltage control. EE8403 Measurements and Instrumentation PC 3 3 0 0 3 5. Basic knowledge in Electrical Networks 2. Define voltage regulation in connection with transmission line.