Pages: 1 2 >> 35 products found, displaying products 1 to 24: Quick View. Available floating and intermediate. £1.49 postage. Ridge Tech coating, low-stretch Power Core and looped both ends. Choose Options. Free postage. All lines feature our unique hang zones, with 10', 20' and 40' line colour changes built into the line, making it perfect for fishing the hang. The Madison River Fishing Company is the best online fly shop in Ennis, Montana selling top fly fishing gear including fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, fly fishing waders, wading boots, fishing packs. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Select Options. These lines are designed to radically improve distance casting whatever your ability. Quick View. The Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Lines are up there with the best general purpose trout fly lines and are perfectly suited to both reservoir and stillwater fly fishing. A short heavy head of 35 foot allows easy loading, with a thin seamlessly blended running line. This allows the fly fisherman to cover each and every subsurface level if required - it is that ability to fine tune retrieve, depth and presentation which can turn an impending blank into a red letter session. $109.95 $69.95 Save: $40.00 . The Sixth Sense range is based on Airflo’s Delta taper and at 105ft in length, it is 15ft longer than a regular fly line which is sure to serve you well when throwing those extra long casts. More Details. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Bisher: EUR 66,90. . Click & Collect. $74.95. $39.95. 78. Free postage. Enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible. Over 1000 Sold. Airflo 7000 Series Fly Lines Often referred to as Airflo's standard fly lines, the 7000 series is made up of lines that have standard head configurations and work in the largest range of conditions. Add to Compare. Free postage. £18.99 to £23.99. The Hype: For accurately punching quick casts at moving targets in windy situations. Get it Saturday, Jan 9 - Wednesday, Jan 13. MwSt., zzgl. Kostenloser Versand. AIRFLO Striper Ridge Intermediate Fly Line Brand: AIRFLO. Preisvorschlag senden - AIRFLO FortyPlus 40+ SNIPER Pike Fliegenschnur - Fly Line - WF10 Intermediate AIRFLO Streamer MAX Short Fliegenschnur - Fly Line - WF8 F/I/S9 - 280 Grain EUR 69,90 57 sold. Airflo Sixth Sense Intermediate Lines. RRP: £44.99 - £59.99 £27.00. 74,95 € 54,94 € * RIO - INTOUCH BIG NASTY FLOAT. Click & Collect. Select Options. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Airflo Super Dri Intermediate Tip Fly Lines. Features micro loops on both ends for easy connections. Angelart: Fliegenfischen. Whether you are chasing freshwater or saltwater species, Airflo has the perfect specialty fly line for every rod and any situation. Instead, this intermediate compact skagit head is comprised of a floating portion in the back and an intermediate sinking portion in the front of the head. Ref: ASF-40-F. Click & Collect. It goes without saying that the advantages that Ridge coatings give in this high octane environment, shootability when you need it and a complete lack of tangles, all combine to lower blood pressure and extend your life expectancy by years! It is for these reasons that Airflo Fly Lines are regarded by many anglers as the best fly lines available in their price range. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Ask any fly fisher what element of their fishing they'd most like to improve and most would say they'd like to cast further - Enter the Airflo Forty Plus. EUR 56,86. £77.78 £ 77. Ref: ASF-40-SI. Airflo Superflo Mini Tip Fly Lines. The Stillwater Intermediates utilize Airflo's PowerCore to help you set the hook on any fish that as much as breathes on your flies. Airflo Saltwater Fly Line Reviews: Airflo Super-Dri Tropical Punch. Click & Collect. £20.16 £ 20. Firstly the taper is excellent for long casts; overall it has a nice long belly that enables you to extend out a nice long controlled cast. AirFlo Airflo 40+ Fly lines . Featuring the Airflo Delta taper that combines hundreds of hours developing, testing and tweaking - it's the ultimate taper for fishing with teams of flies, creating the perfect balance between delicacy and distance - a must have fly line for stillwater fishing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. With its easy loading 35' head and low diameter running line, you'll soon be reaching for the horizon. Add to Wishlist . Free postage. Get it Saturday, Jan 9 - Wednesday, Jan 13. Airflo Sixth Sense Competitor Dual Density Fly Fishing Line Sink Di5-Di3 . Add to Cart. 2 … £32.45 to £37.45. AIRFLO SIXTH SENSE INTERMEDIATE FLY LINES, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Choose Options. Airflo Velocity Clear Intermediate Fly Line Weight Forward 1.5"/sec Sinking. AIRFLO Polyleader Forelle 10 'Länge Clear Intermediate Clear Intermediate Forelle 10 'zu erreichen perfekte Umsatz und das Scharnier Effekt zu vermeiden, diese polyleaders sind aus dem gleichen Material wie der Fly Line Crazy Price. Airflo 40+ Extreme Superflo Flylines. Airflo fly lines have several unique features including Ridge technology to improve line shoot-ability and Airflo's unique polymer coating that wont crack like the commonly used PVC. Airflo is also the world’s leader in Switch and Spey Fly Lines … The Delta Taper Camo Clear utilizes clear Polyurethane over an ultra supple camo core - perfect for those situations when extreme stealth are key to success. 104 sold. RRP: £44.99. oder Preisvorschlag. The Airflo 40+ Sniper Fly Line is available in a range of densities to suit the needs of all conditions and you can choose your choice of line from our drop down menu. Hover over image to zoom. This line casts delicately and blends in perfectly with surrounding aquatic vegetation. More Details. Airflo Ridge Bonefish and Tarpon Lines Taper, coating and core combine in complete harmony to make this the most exciting bonefish flyline on the market today. Power Core as standard, and you'll need it to help … Most will see an instant 5 yard addition, and after a short period 10+ extra yards are easily achievable. Farbe: Orange. Price: £49.99. The Sink 3, Sink 7 and Custom Cut are looped in the rear only. However, as a general guide, most intermediate fly lines will sink at a rate between one and two inches per second (IPS). Add to Wishlist. Click & Collect. Slow Intermediate - Translucent Olive / Sunrise - 0.5 inches per sec; Medium Intermediate - Translucent Tan / Sunrise - 1 inches per sec ; Fast Intermediate - Translucent Green / Sunrise - 1.5 inches per sec; Clear Intermediate - Clear/Sunrise - … Airflo's groundbreaking line introduced the first ever blend of shooting head with traditional fly line. Brand: Airflo. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. £3.50 delivery. £37.95. 13 sold. Airflo Sixth Sense Slow Intermediate Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line TRANS Olive. The ultra supple Camo core and clear PU coating blend to create a suppleness not previously associated for this type of fly line, making it perfect for gentle presentation and a distinct lack of knitting on a hand twist retrieve, even on the coldest spring days. Joan Wulff Signature Fly Lines – Floating $68.95. It is a shooting head tapered fly line that allows you to shoot biggest pike flies with less false casts. An intermediate fly line sits in between a floating fly line and a medium sinking fly line. Airflo Superflo 40+ Expert Floating Fly Line - Heron Grey/White. Price: $89.99. SUPERFLO 40+ EXPERT DISTANCE 44' HEAD. We also specialize is Madison River fly fishing trips from Montana's Best fly fishing fishing guides. The broad spectrum of sinking rates provides best choices for each water level. Quick View. Add to Compare. Airflo Combo Fly Lines. Airflo Superflo 40+ Expert Slow Intermediate Fly Line - Trans Olive/White. . With its long front taper, it will present flies delicately at any distance without overly disturbing the quiet, still water. Free Delivery on all orders over £100 - (UK Mainland Only). 59,95 € * Durch Produkte blättern * Preise inkl. AIRFLO FortyPlus 40+ Distance Fly Line - Fliegenschnur - WF8 Slow Intermediate. AIRFLO CAMO INTERMEDIATE FLY LINES. Airflo Beach/Surf Clear Intermediate Fly Line Airflo Beach/Surf lines have been developed for sea-run cutthroat trout, striped bass, halibut and other cold water species foraging along the US coastlines. More Details. Airflo Ridge Clear Delta Fly Lines- NOW £20 OFF. Airflo Fly Line Kelly Galloup Nymph/Indicator, Pale Peach/Green, WF6F. Marke: Airflo. AirFlo Airflo Shooting Head Bag . Taper Diagram: Casting Notes: This is a hybrid line, great for shooting line in windy conditions and loading fast action rods at short-range, as advertised. CLOSEOUT Airflo Super Dri Xceed Fly Lines – Floating $74.99 $54.99. Airflo Ridge Striper Fly Lines–Intermediate $84.95. Designed specifically for chasing near-shore/inshore species, this line remains flexible an manageable even on the coldest of days. Airflo offer their sixth sense lines in three intermediate sinking rates - slow, mid and fast, which sink at 0.5, 1 and 1.5 inches per second respectively.

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