In advance of his teaching schedule at the Dubuque Yoga & Oneness Festival, blogger Karen Kramer sat down with the director of the Masters Institute, Jeff Masters, to shed some light on his journey and life’s work.  Read an extended excerpt of the interview below and / or click the link at the bottom for the full interview.

”When you heed the call to become something greater than yourself, you transform not only your own life but the lives of all those you touch.”
– Jeff Masters

Talking to Jeff Masters you’d never guess that his career began many, many years ago, after all, he’s not even what you would consider middle-aged.  Jeff’s career—you might say, “soul’s calling”–began at the tender age of 5 years old.  His is an interesting story of circumstances and people coming into his life as if on cue to guide him and inform his work making him uniquely qualified to teach students how to navigate their soul’s calling, and, in a therapeutic sense, how to consciously release “issues in the tissues.”

Jeff will provide four workshop opportunities at the 2017 Dubuque Yoga and Oneness Festival, April 28-30th.  Also, this February, Jeff will be in Dubuque for several events that you won’t want to miss.  Body and Soul Wellness Center will sponsor Jeff at the Inspiring People Series at Inspire Café on Thursday, February 16th.  He will teach a class on Friday, Feb 17 at 9am at Body and Soul, and then conduct a workshop, “Navigating Your Soul’s Path” at Body and Soul on Saturday, Feb 18th, from 11am to 3pm.  This is a great opportunity to meet Jeff, learn more about his work as an Integrative Yoga and Somatic Therapist specializing in assessing and treating somatic-based trauma, chronic pain, and neuro-energetic dysfunction.  He has studied with many of the greatest minds in the mind/body science field.

Jeff describes his work as creating a bridge between the eastern art and science of yoga and the western understanding of medicine, consciousness and psychobiology.  He explains that the mind and body are not separate elements and any separation is an illusion.  The body is, in fact, “crystallized mind”.  What Jeff does from a therapeutic perspective is engage the impressions that are crystallized into the tissues, that effect our behavior, our perceptions, and our consciousness and allow them to unwind and move into a changeable state so that the individual can work with them from a conscious, mindful place rather than being controlled and manipulated by them.

From a teaching perspective, he finds that the art and science of yoga is a path or formula for the liberation of our consciousness.  Jeff’s classes bridge eastern and western philosophy and knowledge in a meaningful way so that each student can connect with the lessons. “Yoga may feel uncomfortable to some people who think it’s a sort of mystical practice.  But Yoga has concrete, pragmatic techniques that one can use that will create lasting and profound shifts in our perceptions, consciousness and reality. The story of your life is written into tissues of your body.  Yoga allows us to lift the ink from the pages and rewrite or erase these stories.”

To read the rest of the Dubuque Yoga & Oneness Festival’s Interview with Jeff Masters CLICK HERE.

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